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MIXDES Conference

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Katedra jest głównym organizatorem międzynarodowej konferencji MIXDES

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The MIXDES conference series started in Debe near Warsaw in 1994 and has been organized yearly in different Polish cities.

The aim of the MIXDES conference is to provide an annual Central-European forum for the presentation and discussion of recent advances in design, modeling, simulation, testing and manufacturing in various areas such as micro- and nanoelectronics, semiconductors, sensors, actuators and power devices.
The MIXDES conference papers are indexed in INSPECWeb of Science and available in IEEE Xplore.

The topics of the MIXDES  Conference include:

  1. Design of Integrated Circuits and Microsystems
    Design methodologies. Digital and analog synthesis. Hardware-software codesign. Reconfigurable hardware. Hardware description languages. Intellectual property-based design. Design reuse.
  2. Thermal Issues in Microelectronics
    Thermal and electro-thermal modelling, simulation methods and tools. Thermal mapping. Thermal protection circuits.
  3. Analysis and Modelling of ICs and Microsystems
    Simulation methods and algorithms. Behavioural modelling with VHDL-AMS and other advanced modelling languages. Microsystems modelling. Model reduction. Parameter identification.
  4. Microelectronics Technology and Packaging
    New microelectronic technologies. Packaging. Sensors and actuators.
  5. Testing and Reliability
    Design for testability and manufacturability. Measurement instruments and techniques.
  6. Power Electronics
    Design, manufacturing, and simulation of power semiconductor devices. Hybrid and monolithic Smart Power circuits. Power integration.
  7. Signal Processing
    Digital and analogue filters, telecommunication circuits. Neural networks. Artificial intelligence. Fuzzy logic. Low voltage and low power solutions.
  8. Embedded Systems
    Design, verification and applications.
  9. Medical Applications
    Medical and biotechnology applications. Thermography in medicine.

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